Festival FEARLESSLY and be ready for anything!*

*In-person, online or hybrid festivals in one easy solution.

Stream In Cinema Brings Best in Class


Content Management

With our top notch ingest solution from AutoDCP we bring you one-step content conversion for in-person events, virtual events and hybrid events.


Totally Secure Content

Our OTT partner provides best-in-class content security in a bulletproof solution carrying 50 million streams per day throughout the entire world.


Keep Your Customers

Manage customer relationships–be they sponsors, audiences or filmmakers. Keep your customer and vendor lists private and under your control.

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Effortlessly Awesome

Our technical solutions combined with our award-winning team means you can focus on having fun while we create a flawless end-to-end event experience.


Filmmaker Relations Simplified

We work directly with filmmakers to ingest content seamlessly in one step.  Our expert team can manage high resolutions and framerates and work with any curve you throw them.


World Class OTT Platform

Our OTT partner literally handles 50 million streams per day on a fully secured world-class platform that services some of the world’s largest OTT platform accounts.


Custom Interactive Tech Integrations

Our team of creatives hails from interactive content creation for major brands and studios.  We know how to combine existing technologies in new ways to make your event not only the talk of the town, but also unforgettable.

Latest Projects


Cinegear 2020

We’ll help you face the new reality (whatever that is.)

One of the great challenges of the current environment is not knowing whether you will create an in-person, entirely virtual or hybrid event.  Thankfully our filmmaker toolkit allows your filmmakers to convert their own content to both DCP and OTT formats in one simple step.  Filmmakers can also QC the work on the platform.  And our powerful dashboard (with automated filmmaker deadline reminders) will allow you to see at any moment the entire content delivery landscape for your festival.

Make Your Next Festival ROCK!

Minutes Screened
Major Studios
Of customers return

Stream In Cinema is ready to take your next festival over the top.

Control Your Customers

We allow you to maintain your customer/ticketing relationships.  We don’t subsidize our fees by absorbing your customers.


Amazing Visual Quality

Ultimately your filmmakers and your attendees want fantastic visual quality.  Stream In Cinema offers theater-level visual quality both in cinema and via OTT.


Choose Your Vendors

We don’t try to be all things for all people.  We work seamlessly with the most popular CRMs, ticketing, payment, web and social systems on the planet.


Flexible and Secure

We can instantly move you from an in person event to an online event to a hybrid event, all while maintaining the best content security available in the industry.

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