This can vary by festival. Naturally, you should allow for ample time to communicate with your filmmakers, but your tools help quicken the process by allowing the filmmakers to take control of their own content.

In one recent festival with 30 filmmakers, the organizers gave finalists 5 days to upload their content. Within hours of the last filmmakers submitting their material, the show was ready to go live online and at a theater.

Of course it is generally a good idea to plan in extra time as some filmmakers may not respond immediately and may require further communication. Many theatres require content delivered at least a week in advance. But since our system will be ready within hours or even minutes of final updates, you can ensure that there are no technical hold-ups delaying important deadlines.

A key advantage to our approach is our system allows you to do a theater show as well as an online one. The theater show will use a DCP, and the online show will run from our OTT platform.

The process is the same for both shows, meaning that you can save valuable time and avoid any extra hassle while expanding your show to both the in-person and online worlds. We create both the DCP and OTT versions, so you’re ready for viewing in phones, apps, computers, and a theater!

For more details on this feel free to consult our festival timeline.

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