One year into the Covid-19 pandemic, theaters are beginning to open back up. As of March 22nd, AMC has reopened 52 of their 54 California theaters at reduced capacity in accordance with state and county Covid-19 procedures. AMC has also announced that an estimated 98% of their U.S. theater locations will open at reduced capacity by Friday, March 26th.

With in-person events and theaters returning at reduced capacity, what does that mean for your event? The transition from in-person to online premieres and releases was difficult enough, but now the challenge of managing a hybrid approach to film festivals and premieres arises.

We’ve held our ears to the ground on what’s needed to take these new challenges head on. Stream In Cinema and AutoDCP have the tools to help you Festival Fearlessly. AutoDCP is the only DCP company that can create an OTT and DCP from the same master video so that way you can be prepared for all your events.

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